Q:  How do I place an order?
  You can place your order directly from this website
• To begin, you must enter the Florida Inmate Identification Number
• Select the correct facility where the inmate resides
• To ensure that your package gets to your inmate, be sure to pick the correct facility in which the inmate is located and gender.
• Make product selections and then go to checkout
• We also accept orders via phone, fax and mail.
• Order forms will be available for download on the first day of the ordering period. 
Q: How do I know that items are acceptable at the facility?
We have taken the guesswork out of shopping for you. The only items presented on the shopping pages are already approved by the Florida Department of Corrections so you can shop with the assurance that everything we make available has been pre-approved. However, orders cannot exceed the property limitations established in 33-602-.201, F.A.C titled Inmate Property. Please click here to review the limitations.
Q: When I try to order an item, the computer prompt says I can only order ‘0’ of this product. Why is this?
  Your loved one might be a participant of the Religious Dietary Program and therefore only allowed to purchase kosher food items.  Please refer to our kosher food category for approved food items for purchase.
Q:  How much will I be charged for shipping?
  All other orders will be charged $7.95.
Q: What if I do not know the name of the correctional facility?
  It is very important that you choose the correct facility in which your inmate resides or your package will get refused.  If you are not sure of the facility name, we have included a helpful link to the Florida Department of Corrections website.  You can enter the DOC number or last name to help you confirm the correct facility.  
Q:  What if items in my order are out of stock?
A:  In the unlikely event that something is out of stock, we will work with the FL DOC to determine an appropriate substitute with an item of equal or greater value.
Q: What if something in the order is damaged or defective?
  Every order will be verified in front of your loved one by a facility staff member.  If there is a problem with your loved ones order the facility staff member will note the issue on the packing slip and provide the information to Union Supply Direct to correct the issue.

Q: What happens if the order is refused at the correctional facility because my loved one is no longer eligible?
Should the order be refused because your loved one is no longer eligible, the facility will return the order back to Union Supply Direct and we will refund the person who placed the order.  Shipping is not refundable. 
Q:  What happens if my loved one transfer to another facility after I have placed my order?  How will he get his order?
 If your loved one has moved to a new location the facility will notify Union Supply and Union Supply will redirect the package via UPS to the correct facility.  The package will arrive at the new location within 72 hours of notification.
Q:  Will I receive confirmation that the package was shipped? 
If you have provided an e-mail address, you will be notified when the order is shipped. 
Q:  How can I tell if my package has delivered to the facility?
You can email us at
FLcustomerervice@unionsupplydirect.com and we will reply to you via email within 24 business hours.